Luxury Camping ~ For Beginners

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Camping Excursions growing up always began with ‘endless’ hours spent setting up camp, quarter to half mile hikes to the shower house (if there was one), swigging water bottles to brush our teeth, nature’s cooking utensils for our meals, sleeping bags covering the Earth’s floor in a cramped tent, etc. Not the most delightful aspects of Camping, but these elements make for what some would consider a true plunge into the wild.

Refocus the previous and imagine being able to breathe in nature without sacrificing creature comforts. Queen/King sized mattress, a steamy spa with catered in cuisine under a fiery sunset or a city of stars. This type of camping is not an irreconcilable dream. Rather, a camping style/experience that has literally gone global.


“A form of camping involving accommodation and facilitates more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping” (Oxford Dictionary). First used in 2005 in the United Kingdom and recently added to the Dictionary in 2016. The ‘catchy’ name may be relatively new, but the concept of Glamping (aka. Luxury Camping) has actually been around for hundreds of years.

King Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France had excursions known for diplomatic summit (The Field of Cloth & Gold) in 1520, the land was decorated with 2,800 tents covering the North of France. Palatial canvases set up with lavish feasts and flowing fountains of wine. In the same~ Ottoman Sultan’s were known for lavishly decorated tents covered with an army of artists.

This tradition became more common in the early 1900s when it became fashionable for ‘rich’ American and European travelers to go on Safaris in Africa. These wealthy wanderers refused to depart from the creature comforts that they were accustomed to. Introduction of the integration of Safari Camp Upscaling ~ including beds, en suite bathrooms, privacy on verandas, gourmet cousins, etc.

Luxury Camping has evolved to offer a meraid of options to cater to any travelers pursuit or budget. Evolved from the historical riches and adaptable to those who love the great outdoors but prefer not to give up all the comforts of home.


  1. COLEMAN 6 PERSON INSTANT CABIN : This Large 6 person tent from Coleman features rave reviews, a stout frame construction, and thick durable fabric. 10×9 feet of floor space and can be set up in minutes. This large pop up tent features a tubular frame design for quick set up and strength. This instant set up tent takes just a few minutes to put up and provides a massive 90 square feet of sleeping space and a 6-foot center height. 
  2. TOOGH 3 SEASON SUNDOME POP UP TENT : This pop up tent takes a little different approach than the others. Instead of spring metal frames, this tent utilizes a system of hinged tent poles that can be deployed and retracted in just about 60 seconds. It is a solid design that campers think is the best instant tent. This waterproof tent is made with seam taped waterproof fabric that will stand up to just about anything. The tubular design is easy to handle in heavy weather without leaking or buffeting about. Accommodation for 2/3 adults, rain fly and carrying bag.
  3. OZARK TRAIL 3 ROOM CABIN TENT : Each room is big enough to fit a queen size bed with room for gear. If you are really looking for the luxury camping experience, using one room for sleeping, one for storage and the other for whatever your heart desires. Perfect pampering camping solution. Entryway has a large awning the size of a room, there are 7 windows. Sets up in under 2 minutes.
  4. TAILGATEREZ SCREENED PORCH : A screened porch where you can eat and lounge while being protected from the sun and bugs. The Tailgaters Magnetic Screenhouse is big enough to fit a picnic table, camping chairs and room for food, grill and other camping items.


  1. COLEMAN 4-AND-1 QUICKBED AIRBED : Be ready for any situation, whether camping or surprised at home by guests, with the Coleman 4-and-1 Quickbed Airbed. This unique design allows you to use this bed as two twin beds separately, lock them together for use as a king-size bed, or lock and stack together for a double high twin bed. Like all Coleman Quickbeds, the 4-in-1 features durable, heavy-duty PVC construction and Colemans Airtight system for a bed you can trust every time you use it. Double Lock Valve keeps in air. Storage is easy thanks to Colemans Wrap -N- Roll Storage System. Soft flocked rayon top for luxurious comfort. Comfort Smart coil construction provides great support and comfort a pleasant night of sleep.
  2. COLEMAN QUEEN AIRBED COT WITH SIDE TABLES AND 4D BATTERY PUMP : Unfold added comfort for you and your guests with a Coleman queen airbed cot with side tables and a 4D battery pump. This versatile design allows you to sleep indoors or outdoors in elevated support with an airbed and cot, or separate the two for double the sleeping space. However you use it, the durable steel frame unfolds easily, and 2 side tables with cup holders keeps drinks and other personal items close on both sides of the bed. When the fun is done, the included 4D battery pump also helps to quickly deflate the bed. The cot folds up inside a compact carry bag for easy transport. Coleman Airtight System is guaranteed not to leak.
  3. DISC-O-BED XL COT BUNK BEDS : A versatile sleeping solution for camping and outdoor enthusiasts, portable Disc-O-Bed XL Cot Bunk Beds make it easier to sleep multiple campers in a tent. Designed for use as a 2-person bunk bed or 2 single cots, this innovative system gives outdoors men a modular, portable, compact, and strong sleeping solution. designed to fit a broad range of family and dome tent designs, the Disc-O-Bed XL Cot system features a rounded bed end frame on the bottom bunk to resist ground sinking and damage to the tent floor. Easy, no tool-assembly modular disc system conveniently fits together, disassembles, and stores in a compact canvas carry bag when not in use. Cot design also converts to a bench for flexible living space and seating by day. Cot consists of an anti-rust steel frame with a powder coated finish to resist corrosion and a stain resistant, PVC-coated 600D polyester fabric sleeping deck.


  1. SUNJACK 25W SOLAR CHARGER POWER BANK : Four flat panels that fold out, and a power bank- SunJack knew what they were getting themselves into, and absolutely nailed it. This rugged, portable and weather-resistant solar panel comes with two detachable power banks. Energy is feed into these, giving standard phones up to 10 full charges (which is pretty insane). If you are using this for in-home use, such as mounting outside of your window, you will be able to charge the entire families phones, tablets, etc, on a single days charge. Now, this ideal for camping situations. If you are camping with friends, but your not roughing it, you will be able to keep your devices charged with ease. Contour this panel to the suns position for maximum effectively, and let nature take its course – this thing is tough to an intense level. Accidentally kick up stones, leave it out in the rain, or drop it off a 12-foot ledge, and Sun Jack 20W Solar Charge Power Bank is still going to work as if nothing happened.

  2. FOLDING CAMPING CHAIR & UMBRELLA : Everyone needs a good folding camping chair to sit around the evening fire, why not do it with a bit more style? This sport-brella recliner chair is the perfect camping chair to lean back in, get out of the sun and even store your snacks and beverages.

  3. COLEMAN PERFECTFLOW INSTASTART EVENTEMP 3-BURNER PROPANE STOVE : The Coleman Perfectflow Instastart Eventemp 3-Burner Propane Stove features two 11,500 BTU burners and 1 5,000 BTU burner for 28,000 BTUs of fully adjustable cooking power. Battery instastart electronic ignition with perfectflow propane control system. Windblock system doubles as side tables. Runs on standard 16.4-oz. propane cylinder (not included).
  4. LODGE LOGIC 5-PIECE CAST IRON COOKWARE SET : As great on the stove as it is over the campfire, the LODGE LOGIC 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set delivers a smooth heat distribution, heat retention, and cooking versatility that can not be matched by other cookware. This convenient set gives you everything you need for a wide range of cooking outside or in the kitchen, giving you a 10-1/2″ griddle, 8″ skillet, 10 1/4″ skillet, 5- quart dutch oven, and a 10 1/4″ cover. The versatile cover works with both the skillet and dutch oven, increasing the sets’ versatility. Ready to use right out of the box, this cookware gives the even heating, superior heat retention, and natural stick-resistant finish you only get with LODGE LOGIC SEASONED CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION (Made in the U.S.A.).
    • CONTENT INCLUDED&VERSATILE; COMBO GAME:1.PREMIUM LADDER TOSS-Top Quality, Lower price, includes 2 Premium PVC Targets with 6 Golf Ball Bolos (3 red +3 blue) 2.STURDY CORNHOLE BOARDS-Two American Flag laminated Game Boards with solid wood fold-out legs and 4” square toss bags (4 red + 4 blue) , sides and back sealed with Natural painted for extra protection from moisture damage. 3.ALL WEATHER WASHER TOSS GAME-2 Sturdy and compact wood construction washer toss target with coated steel washers
    • LADDER BALL GAME NEVER TIP OVER!:Two Strong Quick setup PVC ladders with the heavy-duty corn hole Game Board as weighted base for extra stability, Bolos are made use thick rope to prevent tangles, and using real golf balls for authentic game play.Easily flip over corn hole boards to play washer toss game which can enhance hand-eye coordination and great for family, Perfect for outdoors use in winter, summer, spring and fall!
    • PORTABLE WITH CARRY CASE FOR TAILGATING – All pieces nest inside the bag toss boards, which lock together for easy transportation with a convenient carry handle. The shoulder straps allow you to easily travel with your corn hole set. This case is made of oxford which provides durable long-lasting protection to the boards inside – perfect for storage.
    • DURABLE CORNHOLE BOARDS:Our designers pay close attention to details, refining every element to meet the quality standards. The legs are fold able for convenient storage and transportation. Handcrafted wood frames, corner joints, and durable legs pass our gaming boards the strength to withstand break ability .
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed: As always, SPORT BEATS stands behind all products, and wants to ensure the satisfaction of all of our valued customers.




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  1. Hi there!
    I had a look over your site and it’s filled with some amazing content-you have been very thorough.
    I have always wanted to go camping but never knew where to begin and your site is a perfect go to for all information and safety needs.
    I’ve never seen a site go into depth about what to do whilst camping and I think that’s a reall cool unique feature of yours!
    Overall, great layout, great content and you have the skill of engagement and personality. Love it!

    1. I am thrilled that through content and memories I can “provoke” a memory or encourage another to experience what I have held dear. I understand that not everyone grew up “redneck” like me and to be honest age and timeframes spoil us”). I honestly wish to bring products to the forefront that I have found to be efficient and comfortable. I ask you as a beginner, “What would you like to see more off”?. Thank you and look forward to sharing products, building memories, and connecting relationships”).

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