Setting Up Camp Doesn’t Have To Be Exhausting

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My inspiration for creating this post involved a little digging into the minds of individuals who adamantly state that they despise camping.  I wanted to understand the ‘why’ to this deep rooted statement.  Was it a memory that has forever scarred an individual to vow to dismiss the thought of camping entirely?  Across the board, the one factor that was almost always at the forefront….. CAMPING IS EXHAUSTING.

“And there’s so much folding.  And unfolding when you arrive at your campsite, you unfold the tent and spend approximately 72 minutes figuring out where the #@*€ the poles actually go.  And after three days of bunking with your now smelly family, you have to spend another 72 minutes deconstructing your home sweet wilderness and fold the tent up.  And of course, when you get home, you have to air that !*#”*_# out because it now smells like Pioneer sweat and charred 4311.  So you spend another 72 minutes setting it up.  And then taking it down.  All told, dealing with a tent is 288 minutes I’ll never get back again”.


-Scary Mommy-

While I am compassionate to this disclaimer.  I am also more compassionate to the hours that were spent setting up camp and building memories.  After all, isn’t that why we do anything in life?  Because Effort leads to Gains.  I am not in any way diluting the fact that …..yes, 20 years ago setting up camp was in fact tedious and in fact worth every minute of bonding and creating memories even if they sucked then and you can laugh at them now.  That was worth it to me.  Furthermore, in 2019 the world has evolved.  That’s right…there are now tents that set up in a mere 2 minutes.


This 9 Person Instant Cabin Features Stress Free Setup in 60 Seconds.  The Poles are Pre-Attached to the Tent.  Just Unpack, Unfold and Extend.  Best Purchase Price Found @ Amazon.



The Quechua 2 Second Popup Camping Tent is easy to set up and take down, thanks to folding directions onto the tent.  No more worrying about leaving the directions at home.




This large person tent from Coleman features rave reviews.  A stout frame construction and thick durable fabric.  It’s a massive 10x 9 feet of floor space.  This instant set up tent takes less than a minute to set up.


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